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About Us

Since the establishment (Eun Seong Precision) in 1985,
we have been producing the products focusing on
“what customers want” from the customer's point of view.

Since changing the corporate name to Eun Seong F.A. Co., Ltd. in 1993,
we have developed various automatic component inserters necessary for factory automation,
and have proven their excellence and stability by supplying them to the production
sites of leading global companies.

All of our employees are working hard to stand tall as the world's best premium automatic
inserter maker based on the following management policy with a professional attitude.

  • - Quick response to customer needs with active attitude
  • - Professionalization of all employees
  • - Organizational teamwork
  • - Manufacture of stable and high-quality machines

CEO Young Jin Bang

Automatic component insertion machine, the main product of Eun Seong FA, basically refers to a machine that automatically inserts various small components into the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of electronic products. This is not limited to electronics or home appliances, but is widely applied to automobiles and products and fields that require a large amount of component insertion.

Recently, due to the development of internal electronic components due to the electrification of automobiles, the application in this field is increasing. Related to this, the demand for terminal inserters, terminal crimping machines for FPC, and fuse inserters is gradually increasing.

In addition, the continuous demand for the machines that can automatically insert various types of odd-shaped components, which had been relied on by manual labor, is increasing remarkably.

Under the slogans of “quick and efficient automatic insertion of components” and “quick response to customer requests”, we are researching, developing, and producing various automatic component inserters suitable for customers’ products that are being continuously developed. We are constantly striving for sustainable growth.

  • Corporate name EUN SEONG F.A. CO., LTD.
  • CEO Bang, Young Jin
  • Initial EST. Feb. 1985 (Eun Seong Precision Co., Ltd.)
  • Change of Corporate name May 19, 1993 (Eun Seong F.A. Co., Ltd.)
  • Employment Status 43 (Executive 2, Technical Management 16, Production 20, Management 5)
  • Address 15 Dusan-ro 5-gil, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • TEL / FAXT. +(82) 2-838-7387 / F. +(82) 2-838-7389
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