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Bushing Inserter EB-200

Bushing Inserter EB-200
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· This machine supplies Bushings in the process of producing finished product Housing, which is an automobile part.
· Bushing is supplied by the Parts Feeder, and the servo system is applied to perform fast and accurate work.
· Defects can be detected using the sensor and vision system of the Bushing mounted on the dedicated jig, helping to reduce the defect rate.

SPECIFICATIONS - Bushing Inserter EB-200

Applicable Product Size About 35x35 mm (Consultation is required depending on the shape of the product)
Insertion Speed (Based on 4*2 points) About 14 sec
Loading Time 4.0 ~ 5.0 sec
Machine Size (main unit) 1355(L)x1600(W)x1900(H)
Machine Weight 1400 kg
Mounting Precision ±0.01
Transferable PCB Thickness Using a dedicated jig
Applicable Component Dedicated component (Bush)
HEAD TOOL Cylinder / Vacuum Ejector
Components Supply Method PARTS FEEDER
Inspection of insertion Product presence inspection (Sensor)
Characteristics Faster insertion speed by transferring 4 Bushes at once
Electric Power 220V 50/60Hz, 1.5kw