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Jumper Pin Inserter 500JS

Jumper Pin Inserter 500JS
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· This is a PCB insertion process that is mounted on the Junction Box, and it is a machine that automatically inserts a jumper pin between two routered PCBs by overlapping them up/down.
· In the case of a PCB divided into upper/lower parts, electric power must be supplied from the upper part to the lower part, and a Jumper Pin (side pin) is used as the transmission medium.
· It is manufactured in servo CAM type to realize low noise and high reliability even when inserting at high speed, and it maintains excellent durability with AC servo.
· By applying D/D Motor, fast rotation, accurate control, and free insertion angle control are possible.

SPECIFICATIONS - Jumper Pin Inserter 500JS

Applicable PCB size Max. 250x250 mm
Insertion Speed (Tact Time) 0.25 sec /point
Table Turn Speed 1.5 sec/90°,2.0 sec/180°
Table Speed 22.5m /min.
Machine Size (Exclude. Tower Lamp) 1600(L) x 1470(W) x 1920(H) mm
Machine Weight 1000 kg
Applicable Component Jumper pin 1 type
Components Supply Method Bowl Feeder
O/S Windows
Air Source 5~6 kgf/㎠
Air Consumption 50ℓ/min.
Electric Power 220V±10% 50~60Hz/1.7kw
Proper Temperature 10~35 ℃
Humidity 30~70%
Vision Camera Used for hole-teaching purpose (Auto. Coordinate Collection)
Characteristics Insert by servo motor operation
OPTIONS Barcode reading