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Fuse Inserter M-2000M

Fuse Inserter M-2000M
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· It is a machine that automatically inserts various fuses and relays applied to automotive electric box in the programmed order.
· Up to 6 insert heads can be installed in one basic machine, but it can be designed and manufactured according to customer's requirements.
· Depending on the option, it is possible to configure such as force monitoring and barcode system.

SPECIFICATIONS - Fuse Inserter M-2000M

Applicable Product Size 300 x 300 mm
M/CType Single Stage or Dual Stage type(Option)
Product Supply Feeding (Manual or Automatic) - Moving (Automatic) - Taking out (Automatic)
Insertion Speed (Tact Time) Within 0.5~0.65 sec /1EA (based on Cylinder 50 stroke)
X-Y Table Liner Motor + Motion Controller
Turn Table DD Motor (360° ratation)
Insert Head Type Servo Motor or Air Cylinder type (Option)
Insert Head Quantity Manufactured according to customer specifications such as Micro Fuse and Relay
Applicable Components (Parts) Micro Fuse, Mini Fuse, S/B Fuse, Relay
Components Supply Method Bowl Feeder (Covers applied to prevent mixing of components)
Product Supply Method Conveyor (Pallet) & Fuse Box supply method
Operation Method Using Touch-Screen
Air Source 4~6 kgf/㎝
Electric Power 220V±10% 50~60Hz
Vision Camera Used for fuse(component)-teaching purpose
Counter Installation Head count and output display
OPTIONS Servo Motor type / Force Monitoring function / Input(Feeding) method