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Multi-pin Terminal Inserter M-2000T

Multi-pin Terminal Inserter M-2000T
  • Multi-pin Terminal Inserter M-2000T 1번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • Multi-pin Terminal Inserter M-2000T 2번 상세이미지 썸네일
· This is a machine that automatically inserts up to three types of terminals into a PCB in a programmed sequence and direction in one machine.
· The machine is equipped with multi-pin insertion head tools that allow to insert 2 or 3 identical pins at once, allowing more insertions at the same time.
· Usually it is applied to press-fit pin, and if certain conditions are met, general types of terminal can also be inserted.
· Controlled by PC with touch-screen monitor. The pins are supplied in reeled form, and the machine can detect mechanically whether or not parts are inserted.

SPECIFICATIONS - Multi-pin Terminal Inserter M-2000T

Applicable PCB size 100*80 ~ 330*250 mm
Insertion Speed (Tact Time) 0.23~0.35 sec /point
PCB Loading Time 5 sec /PCB
Machine Size (include. Reel Hanger Unit) 2072(L) x 2223(W) x 1550(H) mm
Machine Weight 1500 kg
Number of insertion Head Reel feeding type
O/S Windows
Air Source 5~6 kgf/㎠
Air Consumption 200ℓ/min.
Electric Power 220V±10% 50~60Hz/4kw
Proper Temperature 10~35 ℃
Humidity 30~70%
Vision Camera Used for hole-teaching purpose
Characteristics CAM structure / Insert by servo mot
OPTIONS Force Monitoring function / MES / Barcode reading